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Crisis Response

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It happened! The IDS has detected an intrusion, a user is losing files, a database has been compromised.  With stricter regulation through Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOA), HIPPA, GLB and other legislation it is imperative that organizations have an incident response plan in place.  GDF and its global network of Emergency Response Teams can be on site in hours to isolate, secure and investigate security breaches.  Our extensive experience in network forensics and security as well as our No Retainer Policy make it cost effective and simple to insure your organization has a response team standing by.  With response times at 12 hours in most US Cities (times vary but usually much lower in metropolitan areas) and 24-48 hours worldwide your organization is assured that someone will be their when needed.  Our fully equipped, experienced and  certified responders have years of experience in the IT Security Industry and can assist will all aspects from securing the system or network through acquisition and forensic analysis

Services Include:


In order to help our clients comply with the regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOA), HIPPA, GLB or other regulatory compliance  mandates GDF has implemented a simple Service Level Agreement Policy.  Clients can enter into a an SLA and issue an open purchase order for a set number of hours at a set rate.  Internal policy reflects the implementation of an Emergency Response Team and the ability to deal with incidents in a timely manner putting them in compliance.  When or if an incident occurs the organization simply calls GDF and puts the ERT in motion while a statement of work (SOW) is in process.  This allows IT Security to enter an agreement with minimal expense and very high ROI since there is little or no upfront cost to the organization.

  • Internal Compromises
  • External Compromises
  • Windows Based Networks
  • Unix/Linux Networks
  • Wireless Systems
  • Mainframes (IBM, Unisys, Etc.)
  • Transactional Systems
  • Application Compromises
  • Database Compromises
  • Virtually any Architecture or Compromise


Simple Efficient No Retainer Service Level Agreements

GDF has a wide sphere of expertise

GDF can respond to and handle a wide range of incidence on virtually all platforms in an organization.  For example:

GDF strategically aligned itself with Symantec Consulting and Managed Services in order to provide clients with superior response as well as being able to leverage the technology and services the group has to offer.  Clients of both organizations enjoy the security of outsourcing security monitoring and management and the added security of GDF Emergency Response Teams being available for them if an incident is detected.

The Process

The GDF team will work with the client to establish an understanding of the systems and process in place and help develop an efficient Emergency Response Plan.  Once the plan is developed the On Call List is developed along with escalation policy and procedure, contact policy and response mapping.  These policies, once established and tested, are added to the IT Security Policy already in place making the whole transition painless and efficient.

Once GDF receives a call from the designated contact the ERT is dispatched to help secure the site and begin the analysis process.  GDF can work with clients legal department or outside council and act as a buffer and reporting mechanism for law enforcement or governing bodies ensuring incidents are handled in an expedited and compliant manner reducing cost, raising diligence levels and avoiding costly penalties.

Global Response

GDF can respond globally to our clients needs.   With strategically located offices and a network of responders clients know GDF will be there when needed.


 Tampa Bay, FL – Las Vegas, NV -Washington, DC

New York, NY- Los Angeles, CA – San Francisco, CA

Albany, NY – Boston, MA – Chicago, IL


 Ramstein, Germany – London, UK – Moscow, Russia

Prague,  Czech Republic – Leon, France – Paris, France

New York ° Miami ° Los Angeles ° Chicago ° Tampa ° Washington D.C. ° New England

Las Vegas ° Atlanta ° San Fransisco ° Philadelphia ° Denver ° Boston


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Visit our E-Discovery Site

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