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Gambling with your business’s Network Security is like playing Russian roulette with half the chambers loaded.  You may survive a round or two unscathed, but the chances of getting up from the table intact are virtually non-existent.  Do you really want to risk losing everything you’ve built, everything you’ve strived to achieve and the livelihood of everyone depending on your business on the hope that you’re bulletproof? Our  team at Global Digital forensics can help swing the odds drastically to your favor.

Just think for a moment how crucial your network is to your business in today’s digital world.  It allows for the sharing of information and ideas, it can be the gateway to your customers, it can contain confidential information about your clients and/or employees and it can even be a portal to manipulate your business’ finances, among other things.  Now imagine access falling into the wrong hands, hands that have their own agenda, hands intent on stealing, destroying, manipulating and damaging the very essence of your business – the information.

Network security is not as simple as buying a piece of software or hardware to magically eliminate every threat, it’s about establishing procedures, changing habits and learning what to watch out for and what to do if a threat is detected, because without constant vigilance, your luck WILL run out and your network WILL be compromised.  The ugly truth is, it’s not a matter of IF someone is going to try to penetrate your network, it’s a matter of WHEN.(and how BAD)  The only wise choice is to do everything in your power to prevent an intrusion in the first place and have procedures in place minimize the damage should a penetration still manage to occur.

Global Digital Forensics can offer the assistance you need.  Whether you have already been the victim of a network intrusion and require immediate assistance to stop the bleeding and close the wound, or if you want us to analyze and fortify the integrity of your network today with comprehensive and cutting edge penetration testing, we specialize in solutions that fit the bill.  We also understand that every business is unique and your needs may differ from “the norm,” so we tailor each project to meet your particular demands.

Remember, when it comes to network security, time is of the essence.  Don’t wait until the damage becomes irrevocable – CALL NOW!

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Visit our E-Discovery Site

Visit our E-Discovery Site

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